Just as the internet was the harbinger of change and innovation for the decades of the 90s and the early 2000s, mobility has been at the forefront of technology innovation from the last years of the previous decade till now.

From being satisfied with providing access to email and data at the middle of the last decade, mobile computing has grown by leaps and bounds to applications and services that are changing the way business is done fundamentally.

At APPSLINK, as part of our mobile offerings, we offer the following type of services in the mobile space:

  • Mobile Application development.
  • Enterprise Mobility.
  • Mobile Product Engineering Services.
  • Mobile Testing Services.
  • Mobile Analytics.

Mobile Application development

Mobile Apps have been the mainstay of mobile computing for a few years now. Starting with apps that offered simple information retrieval like email, calendar, contacts, and stock market and weather information, the app development moved into other categories, such as mobile games, GPS and location-based services, apps that made use of the mobile hardware like camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, flashlightand entertainment apps for playing audio, video etc. At present there are mobile applications that cover everything from Business to Science to Health to Lifestyle and they have taken the user computing away from PCs and laptops onto mobiles.


We have experience in developing Native mobile applications in the following popular platforms

  • iPhone Development.
  • Android Development.
  • Windows Phone Development.
  • BlackBerry Development.


Over the mobile software technology has diversified to meet the needs of enterprises, consumers as well as developers. On one hand we have mobile application tools and IDEs provided by mobile OS providers that help developers write applications customized for their platforms. On the other hand are systems that leverage the power of the web to bring the world of internet into the mobiles. Some other technologies strive to marry both and tend to achieve platform independence in writing and distributing software.

Due to the factors mentioned above mobile software development can be of different types and hues. Some of them are:

  • Native Mobile Applications.
  • Hybrid Applications.
  • Mobile Web.
  • Multi-platform tool based applications.

Being in the mobile field for long and focused on mobility, over the years, we have developed capability and expertise in all of the above types of mobile applications.


Some of the technology areas that we work on are:

  • GPS and location based
  • Augmented Reality
  • In App Purchase
  • Ad Integration AdMob/iAD
  • App Localization and Universal app development
  • Cloud
  • Authentication
  • Push Notification
  • Social Media Integration (FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram)
  • Gyroscopy/Movement Based
  • Audio/Video Streaming
  • Gaming
  • Animation for Games
  • Game Physics
  • Integration of Game Center/Open Feint/ Tapjoyetc
  • Leaderboard Integration
  • E-Signature
  • BarCode Scanning (QR/Bar)
  • E-com Integration
  • Analytics Integration

Enterprise Mobility

Initially focused on the consumer segment, mobility has now started to penetrate enterprise computing and is bound to enter each and every area of enterprise activity. Enterprises are moving from using mobile apps to reach their customer to also include mobile apps and tools to increase productivity, simplify their processes and workflows and to keep their employees engaged.

Some of the areas where mobility has been active recently are:

  • Enabling mobility for current processes.
  • Opening up more channels of customer and employee engagement.
  • Increase productivity of current processes by use of mobile.
  • Create new business processes by taking advantage of mobile technologies.

Having worked with enterprises all through our existence, we understand the enterprise DNA fully and bring our expertise of working with enterprises to the world of mobility.

Mobile Product Engineering Services

We help our clients translate their Mobile Product Vision into commercially viable Mobile Software Products, by offering a wide range of Outsource Product Development (OPD) solutions in the mobile space. In OPD, our teams work as an extended part of client’s team using the process of the client helping them achieve their goals in a faster and better manner.

Some of the areas of OPD services are:

  • Product Co-Development.
  • Product Enhancement.
  • Product Migration from one platform to another.
  • Product Maintenance.
  • Product Localization.

Mobile Testing Services

Mobility testing is different from other types of software testing. The multiplicity of devices and platforms has made mobile testing more difficult than testing other types of software.With our experience in getting 50+ mobile applications in the App store across multiple platforms, we are aware of what it takes to uniquely positioned to make sure that the app quality is of the highest standards.

Our service offerings in the mobile testing space include:

  • Functional testing.
  • Tool based testing.
  • Device compatibility testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Testing for guidelines.

Mobile Analytics

How are your users using the app? What are the features that they use the most? How much time are they spending? Are your users performing your desired action while using the app? These are some of the questions that enterprises would love to get the answers for. These questions can remain unanswered unless you have mobile app analytics integrated into the app.

It is critical for the success of any mobile application or game to have enough information about the usage patterns. This helps in improving the product and making decisions that can help align it better to the business objectives.

At APPSLINK, we have worked on a wide variety of mobile app analytics packages for our clients. Depending on the nature of the app or game, the requirement for tracking information could be very different from one app to other. With substantial experience in implementing app analytics software like Flurry, Google analytics, Flight-path etc. we bring in both the technical capabilities and the domain know how to provide you the best mobile analytics solutions.